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Online books shop

Where to buy books in Baku 

Online Book Shop is a convenient service for those who like to read a fascinating book. If you want to buy a book, you can do it on our website, where the proposed literature genres such as: encyclopedias, classics, fiction, popular and scientific literature.

Bookstore in Baku - is available to all.   

Perhaps each of you faced with the problem of where to purchase the necessary book? Previously, in order to acquire the necessary edition to bypass required more than one store. Now everything has become much easier since appeared online store of books, where you can buy all the necessary goods.

In recent years the situation has changed for the better. If you do not know where to buy the book, you can do it in our online store, where books offered at an affordable price. Deciding to buy a book, you can get it at any point of Baku, as the courier will deliver the order at any specified address. The only thing that you need to place an order - is to choose liked edition and click "buy". The benefits of such purchases are obvious: you do not have to spend time and energy on a literature search - you can place your order without leaving home. 

If you do not trust online shopping, and prefer to buy the book in stores, and hold it in your hands, smell and touch, you can go to one of the shops of our network of bookstores

How to order the book in Baku? 

With the development of new technologies, address no longer plays an important role in work or study. More and more people are choosing to housing in the countryside close to the nature, away from the noisy city. But even at this distance, buy a book in the online store is not a problem, because it works on the entire Baku and Azerbaijan. Any publication of various genres can now find on the internet and order it at home - books in Azerbaijani, Russian, English, Turkish, children's literature, fiction, detective stories, classics, novels, business books, dictionaries, books about architecture , history, law, fashion, cooking, parenting, medicine, psychology, spirituality, religion, crafts, tourism, philosophy, scientific and popular literature. With us you can always find all the services you need, ranging from fiction and scientific literature.

Now buy the book in Baku easier than it was ever, because to make a purchase via the Internet shop - it's very simple, and most importantly fast. Now get in the house literature was much more convenient and easier.

You can buy books on stocks or discounts, discounts up to 50%, even for 1 AZN! Thanks to the electronic catalog of the presence of each of you an opportunity to approach the selection of literary publication with the greatest care, read the summary, see its cover and read reviews from other readers. You can be completely sure that you will not be disappointed after receiving the package - it is exactly what you've been dreaming of.

We also sell gifts, electronics, toys, puzzles, all for schools, perfumes, scarves and national A.Salomahinoy kelagai.

Can I order a book from abroad - Russia? America? Europe?

Even when you are abroad, you can buy Azerbaijani books via the Internet, as well as book and souvenir shops of Baku. This also applies to books in Russian, and others languages. After all, we are not resellers, we do translate and print the best authors in the Azerbaijani language.

No question, send it to any country on the next day after payment is received. You will receive the goods within 3-12 days.

And if you want to order products from regions of Azerbaijan?

If you live in Azerbaijan, the purchase of books for you to become a happy, because for the past 15 years we have become professionals.

We ship your order in areas of COD in Agstafa, Nakhchivan, Ganja, Shamakhi, Lankaran, Zagatala, Guba, Gabala, Gyadyabyay, Mingachevir and others.

Buy books in our online shop - it's always convenient and fast!